For Canine Professionals

I'm on a mission to apply my skills and experience to help dogs by helping canine professionals - trainers, behaviorists, coaches, and wellbeing experts - with a holistic approach

and an open mind to reach and serve more clients online

Hi, I'm Anke Herrmann

Author of Taming the Tech Monster, founder of Soul Touched by Dogs

Be a Guest on the Soul Touched by Dogs Podcast

Do you feel you (or another holistic canine professional you know and trust) would make a great guest for the Soul Touched by Dogs Podcast?

Let me know a little bit about yourself and request an invitation.

You (or your friend) will receive a link to schedule a time to record the interview - a casual 15-20 minute conversation about your work with dogs.

The Digital Dog Pro

FREE simple strategies and practical, down-to-earth tips on how to expand your reach and serve more clients online so you can help more dogs, even if you’re an introvert or hate tech

Need help growing your business online?

Here is how I can support you

Lead Magnet QuickStart

Where Your Ideal Online Clients Begin

Their Journey to You!

Are you ready to make your mark by attracting clients online who need exactly what you have to offer?

You need an email list and a "lead magnet", a free offer that invites your ideal clients onto your email list and into your world.

Having the right free offer isn’t just about collecting emails; it’s your first step in building a relationship with potential clients.

But if it doesn’t resonate deeply with your audience, or if you get lost in the tech jungle, it's a missed opportunity.

Lead Magnet QuickStart is a small interactive group program to help you create, set up, and share a free offer that attracts your ideal clients in 4 weeks, even if you hate tech.

Done-for-You Virtual Mini Summits

It's hard to grow your business when you feel like the best-kept secret.

Without a consistent fresh stream of potential clients flowing into your business, reaching your business goals becomes more and more difficult, if not impossible.

But most audience-building methods are slow, tedious and/or attract the wrong people.

There has to be another way. And there is ...

Tapping into other people's audience by hosting collaborative virtual events.

Need Help?

During our conversation, I'll ask you about your business, what you're looking to create and what's getting in the way. If I feel I can help, I'll ask your permission to share how. If not, I'll do my best to offer resources to point you in the right direction, or an introduction to a colleague who might be better suited to support you.

In any case, you'll walk away with clarity for your next step.

Hi, I'm Anke Herrmann

Multi-passionate coach and online tech expert with a diverse background in language teaching, translation, software development, and flamenco dressmaking - with the heart of an artist and the mind of an engineer.

My approach is methodical and inspired by software development - building strong foundations, using tools and systems effectively, testing early and often, and embracing the experimental nature of creativity.

I'm all about trusting your intuition and allowing the natural creative process to unfold when building your business.

I firmly believe that anything that can be done with effort can be done better with ease (and a dog - or two or three - by your side 🐾).

Anke is a brilliant strategic partner who helps me think through the best process to deliver my idea, what platform, what tech, who should do what and how to do it efficiently. I cannot recommend her patience, calmness and practical genius enough."

Elizabeth Lovius - Leadership coach and Social Entrepreneur

"Anke by name, anchor by nature. When you are part of someone’s ship, you stop it from drifting away from its intended stability. Clear, calm and caring.

In a nutshell you embody less hype and more hope."

Angela Durrant - Founder of The Visible Club, Coach, Speaker.

Anke , a Tech Doctor with all the intelligences - IQ, EQ and XQ (that is reading the data, connecting the dots and getting it done). For business people who don't really understand tech this is an invaluable and unique offering because without asking the right questions you are not likely to get to the right destination"

Emer O'Donnell - Specialist Coach for young people(MSc)

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