Panic to Peace - Holistic Approaches to Easing Anxiety in Rescue Dogs

A virtual conference for dog lovers hosted by

Anke Herrmann - Soul Touched by Dogs

February 2024

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"I wish I knew this information years ago"

"Your Panic to Peace webinars were fabulous.

I have watched many webinars on dogs and human health. The Panic to Peace webinars were simple and down to earth.

Your speakers were great and you offered a short summary of their methods.

Thank you so much. As an owner of three rescued Dobermans and a foster to many other Dobermans, I wish I knew this information years ago." Carole

"One size does not fit all"

"Thanks for this wonderful summit space.

The panel discussion helped me see so much how one size does not fit all when it comes to dogs and that actually, the watching your dog insight is fundamental when it comes to seeking help or support..

Knowing the dogs needs and letting them lead you were to focus training." Heather

"I love that you're not so serious"

"I found you through an invitation by Ness Jones to your summit, & I have loved it so much!

What I especially loved, is that you laugh at things a lot in your interviews & I love that!

It made me laugh, too. I love that you're not so serious & formal during them. It makes you seem so down to earth! 😊 Just wanted to let you know this. I liked it much more than the Pet Summits ones we have here in the U.S.

Thank you! Deb

"I learned so much"

"Hi Anke. I just wanted to let you know that I learned so much from every instructor. Just Loved this.

This was just incredible information. Again thank you." Debbie

"I applied what I learned the very next day"

"Thank you for hosting this summit! I foster and have adopted one of my fosters. This summit has been very helpful!

The class by Annie Phenix was particularly helpful. The night after I took the class we had three foster puppies from Kaui overnight. The next morning they flew down to California for adoption. They were two brothers, who comforted each other and were doing great. And one little girl who was scared.

I used some of the techniques I learned that day in class to help. The biggest help was just rubbing the temples of the little girl, Ellie. She relaxed and did the slow satisfied lip lick! It was a great class!

As a foster we don't have the resources or sometimes time to let medicine really work so his class was helpful for ideas.

Thank you again for a great, useful, summit!"


Few things are as rewarding and heart warming as adopting a rescue dog. More often than not, it's the beginning of a beautiful healing and bonding process for both, the dog and the human.

But it's not always easy.

You often don't know what a dog has been through when you choose to offer them a new home.

Many rescue dogs struggle with anxiety, which can show up in a variety of behaviors you as their human might not know how to deal with effectively, especially considering the amount of unhelpful advice you're bombarded with.

I decided to host this virtual conference to support people who open their hearts and homes to rescue dogs, as well as to encourage those who are considering adopting a dog but worry about how to handle any trauma and anxiety-related issues that may come up.

I invited 15 experts with a focus on holistic and connection-based approaches to training, nutrition, health & wellbeing - approaches based on respect and kindness for both, humans and canines.

The Speakers

The Topics

  • Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte - Healing anxiety and building relationship with Loving Touch

  • Dr. Jeff Grognet - Can you help anxiety with medication? Success and failures

  • Annie Phenix - How to Help Dogs Heal QUICKLY and Compassionately

  • Laura Donaldson - Best Practices for Bringing a Rescue Dog into Your Home

  • Dr. Jeff Feinman - Reframing limiting beliefs in vet and shelter care using Compassionate Communication

  • Miranda Wimbush - Transform Your Anxious Rescue through the Power of Intuitive Connection

  • Julie Cluley - Dogs Are Never Naughty

  • Ness Jones - Preventing Separation Anxiety in Rescue Dogs

  • Daphné Singer - Walking on Sunshine: Crafting Stress-Free Strolls for Anxious Pups

  • Inez Robinson - How to Talk Dog

  • Iris Grimm - Love Your Dog’s Future Self

  • Billie Groom - Anxiety in Adolescent and Adopted Dogs: Canine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by UPWARD Dogology

  • Dr. Fern (Dr. K) Kazlow - A Psychotherapist's Approach to Easing Anxiety in Our Dogs and Ourselves

  • Jody Teiche - Unleashing The Power of Energy Medicine To Heal Anxiety In Your Pets

  • Sarah Jones - Yellow Paws: Advocating Space and Empathy for Anxious Dogs

How it works

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  • Come and play: Like with any community, the more you engage, the more you get out of it, so please, say hello, share pictures of your pups, ask your questions, connect with and support others

May 2005 - Leo a few days after we found each other in the cobble-stoned streets of Granada, Spain

With my sweet girl Hada, who has the patience of a saint with puppy Lea

Hi, I'm Anke

The human behind Soul Touched by Dogs

I've loved dogs for as long as I can remember.

According to my grandma, my dad's dog Bodo "helped raise me" throughout the first couple of years of my life. Maybe that's where the love comes from.

But as a child, and later working in corporate jobs, I couldn't have a dog if I didn't want him to be at home alone all day (in the days before doggie daycare)

So it wasn't until I moved to Spain and started my own business that I could work from home and finally have my own dog.

Leo and I found each other on a hot day in May 2005, in the cobble-stoned streets of Granada.

4 months old, scared of male voices, cars, broomsticks. Obsessed with (the contents of) rubbish bins and socks.

"Oh, he's so lucky you found him," people said.

"I'm the lucky one," I'd reply.

Turns out that this dog, and the three that came after him, taught me more than I ever imagined.

I created Soul Touched by Dogs to share some of those lessons with other dog lovers, AND to give YOU a space to share yours.

Bodo - my dad's dog who started it all for me

July 2023 - me checking if I can still lift up 10 months old Spanish Mastiff puppy Lea, and Cai taking advantage of the situation 🤣

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