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Celebrating the Human-Canine Connection

  • Life lessons taught by dogs

  • Canine cuteness

  • Tips, recommendations and opinions around natural & holistic approaches to dog nutrition, health, training & behaviour, and more

One look into a dog's eyes touches your soul. No words needed.

You don't see mini-humans, toys, or tools, but wise teachers worth respect & care.

You see your dog(s) as soulful beings, finely tuned into your emotions. And you love to take care of and learn from them.

To you, a dog is not just a pet, not a fashion accessory, not a toy for the kids, not a tool.

Your dog is your companion, your wisest teacher.

Most regular dog training methods don't make sense to you. You're not looking to control your dogs.

You want to cultivate the trust and connection that allows a dog to relax and be easy to live with.

You're always on the lookout for holistic approaches to nutrition and health for your dog(s).

You're the person who goes home early from a party, to not leave the dog(s) alone for too long. πŸ˜›

You might find that friends and family don't really understand what dogs mean to you.

I created Soul Touched by Dogs because I want you to feel understood, to nourish your dog-loving soul with inspiring stories about the beauty and wisdom of dogs, helpful tips, resources and recommendations.

And Soul Touched by Dogs is a place to openly share your love, excitement or worry relating to your dogs. You'll hear about how when you subscribe πŸ˜‰

Want to know what you'll get yourself into?

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May 2005 - Leo a few days after we found each other in the cobble-stoned streets of Granada, Spain

With my sweet girl Hada, who has the patience of a saint with puppy Lea

Hi, I'm Anke

The human behind Soul Touched by Dogs

I've loved dogs for as long as I can remember.

According to my grandma, my dad's dog Bodo "helped raise me" throughout the first couple of years of my life. Maybe that's where the love comes from.

But as a child, and later working in corporate jobs, I couldn't have a dog if I didn't want him to be at home alone all day (in the days before doggie daycare)

So it wasn't until I moved to Spain and started my own business that I could work from home and finally have my own dog.

Leo and I found each other on a hot day in May 2005, in the cobble-stoned streets of Granada.

4 months old, scared of male voices, cars, broomsticks. Obsessed with shoes, socks and (the contents of) rubbish bins.

"Oh, he's so lucky you found him," people said.

"I'm the lucky one," I'd reply.

Turns out that this dog, and the three that came after him, taught me more than I ever imagined.

I created Soul Touched by Dogs to share some of those lessons with other dog lovers, AND to give YOU a space to share yours.

Bodo - my dad's dog who started it all for me

July 2023 - me checking if I can still lift up 10 months old Spanish Mastiff puppy Lea, and Cai taking advantage of the situation 🀣

Want to know what you'll get yourself into?

Check out previous editions

These four below are the dogs who have enriched my life way beyond my wildest hopes.

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